1. How soon can you install a system?

Depending on size and scale of project, but typically within 72 hours of signing contract

2. Will my system have warranty coverage?

For 90 days after installation we will repair or replace any defective part at no cost.

3. How much will it cost?

We have different pricing depending upon your security needs, but or standard packages are: $19.95+tax per month Cellular monitoring of existing system. $32.95+tax per month Base model Home Automation (includes 3 doors & a Motion) or (Upgrade of existing system)add on devices sold ala carte $37.95+tax per month Base Model Home Automation with any video device. Add on devices sold a la carte

4. Can I monitor the system through my phone?

The Home Automation packages give you the capability to arm, disarm, and much more depending on add on devices. as well as receive notifications of activity. And of course the authorities will be notified of break ins as well.

5. Do you service systems?

yes if you are an existing customer you will pay $45.00 per hour for service not covered under warranty. Non-existing customers pay $75.00 per hour