Stay Watchful, Stay Safe

Explore home video monitoring options in Haslet, TX

Putting in a long shift at work? Out of town on vacation? Do you need to monitor whatever is happening while you are away from home? No problem!

With video monitoring from High Caliber Alarm, you can remain seamlessly aware of activity at your home or property at all hours of the day and night. Featuring video streaming and recording, we give you the tools to monitor your home 24/7.

And because video monitoring can be integrated with your security alarm system, you can record video based on triggers such as doors opening or a motion sensor being activated.

Easier Than You Think

With leaps forward in today’s video recording and camera quality, video monitoring is less expensive than ever before. And with the ability to integrate video into the rest of your security system with High Caliber Alarm’s unique technology, keeping an eye on your property has never been a more sensible option.

Call the security experts at High Caliber Alarm today for your professional video monitoring consultation.