Live Securely at Every Age

Choose the Wellness system for seniors in Haslet, Texas

Do you have an elderly family member who you want to remain connected with when you’re away? Would you like to know that they are always in good hands, secure and connected to emergency services if the need should arise?

With High Caliber Alarm’s installation of the Wellness system, you will get all of that, along with the peace of mind that you are looking for.

Know That They Are Safe

Know That They Are Safe

When High Caliber Alarm installs the Wellness technology in a home, family members and caregivers are empowered to check in on loved ones via smart monitoring systems. By using sensors to learn the routine of an individual’s day-to-day life, Wellness can identify sudden anomalies that may signify an emergency.

As a more sophisticated alternative to traditional Personal Emergency Response (PERS) pendants, Wellness provides a complete safety net for monitoring an elderly individual and their domestic environment.

Keep Them Comfortable

High Caliber Alarm will integrate Wellness into the home's critical systems, allowing you to remotely monitor and activate the security alarm, cameras, door locks, lights and thermostat for your loved one. This will allow you to keep your family member comfortable and secure both day and night.

So why wait to protect your loved one? Give your elderly family member the opportunity to live independently, while remaining safe, with a Wellness system installed by High Caliber Alarm. Call us today for a Wellness system consultation.